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“I am the Lord thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open they mouth wide, and will fill it.”


This newsletter finds me as busy as usual, but this time writing from the US. I came over the beginning of July to begin the process of getting the newly donated helicopter picked up and prepared to ship and launch. 


Things started a bit slowly as there were some delays in paperwork we needed to be able to fly the helicopter, but I used the time to start checking off  my “US list.” Not having certain tools, materials, etc when in the mission field makes one appreciate what is available here in the states, and before each trip back I start compiling a list of things I want to purchase to bring back. Anything from carpenter pencils to aircraft parts and tools can make its way to this list. My list this time was quite lengthy since we will be shipping the helicopter and shipping containers.


I also made several trips up to the helicopter donor to assess the situation and to discuss regarding spare parts. Initially our hope was that a number of spare parts would be donated with the helicopter but in the end it seems like they will be available for purchase instead. We are still more than grateful for the generous donation of the machine as well as some spare rotor blades and tail rotor blades,  but this did cause a jump in our budget for the project. Every time I start to worry, I just have to remind myself that if God can provide a helicopter the rest is nothing for Him!


Last week some friends and I made the trip up to pick up the helicopter once the paperwork came through. We actually had a short deadline before ASI convention in a few days, but I felt a pressing burden to do what I could. After our 6-7 drive up to Oregon, we ran into a few more challenges that called us to our knees. To top it off, our truck broke down right when we were headed to pick up the last of our cargo. Although I felt the devil was trying to discourage us, we saw God working through it all as my friend was able to hitchhike around 16 miles into town, get the parts we needed, and hitchhike back. Thankfully we had some tools with us and were able to get back on the road a few hours later. We then finished our loading, and by that time it was nearly evening. After spending the night, we went to the helicopter and prepared it for our flight. We split ways with the truck driving back to CA and the helicopter flying. The flight back was uneventful and we are so grateful for what God has done. 


I was surprised to see shortly after getting back that a wildfire started up along our route which quickly went out of control and spread to over 50,000 acres. Truly God had a reason for us to fly when we did!


Although things have dragged along a bit slower than I hoped, I know that God is in control and His timing is perfect. We are about 25 percent of the way towards our launch goal which has enabled us to move forward as we can. The shipping containers are purchased, the helicopter is moved and ready to be disassembled, and I’ve started to order some of the maintenance items to help keep it operating in the future. 


Please keep us in prayer as we move forward in faith. I’m confidant that what God has started He will be faithful to complete, although I’m also reminded that every time it’s a journey that stretches us more than before. 

I’ve had some new ministry friends and partners with Angel One who have been a big help with this project, and I will be privileged to be at their booth in ASI this year along with a number of other co-missionary pilots and other missionaries from around the world. 

It’s only a few short days before ASI, I will be at the Angel One booths 306 and 308. If any of you will be there, I’d love to meet you in person. God bless and thank you for your prayers and support!!



Some new news of note- We have a new website up and running to help with this helicopter project (, some new donation options to make things easier, and we are going through some transitions of how are newsletters are sent out (Mailchimp, APLOS, etc). I appreciate your patience as we try to work out the best ways to keep you updated.



Rest assured you can still always reach out to me with any questions and those of you who have been donating through the years, we still receive those donations so don’t be alarmed by the new options. 


Also, some of you have been wondering what will happen to the yellow helicopter I’ve been flying. It will still continue to serve, most likely in another airbase in another area not yet being reached by helicopter. 



God bless and take care!