Reflections on God's Marvelous Works Over the Last Year

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"God's Marvelous Works"






“Many, O Lord my God, are thy wonderful works which thou hast done, and they thoughts which are to us-ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee: if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered.” Psalms 40:5


It’s hard to believe another year is past! 2022 hasn’t been a year without challenges, however it also hasn’t been one without many blessings.



After God provided the next helicopter, the next challenge was to get it imported into the country before we can use it. Import and shipping fees are very expensive, so we had to wait to figure out a solution.


In addition to the helicopter container, I have the privilege of importing a second container duty free due to my new visa status if sent within a certain time period. This is such a blessing as I was able to put personal tools, medical supplies and equipment and any personal belongings in this container to support our continued work here.


Unfortunately due to port delays, longshoreman port worker strikes, etc, we missed our first deadline for the shipping, but we are praying that we will be able to get an extension.



Praise God things are getting sorted for the helicopter container, and since we are working closely together with and often fly for our missionary friends PAI-KVS (Palawan Aid International Kabantangan View Schools), God moved on their hearts to assist us since they have special importation privileges.


The helicopter container is about to be picked up, and while we still face many challenges and hurdles, we praise God for His working despite the challenges.


After getting back to the Philippines, I got right back into the work, staying busy flying building supplies for jungle schools, medevacs, doing maintenance, and going back and forth to Manila to work on shipping paperwork, renew licenses and certificates, etc. 


Although I normally detest Manila trips, I had an extra reason to make them a little more palatable, as Prima has been doing her medical internship in Manila and so I had some opportunities to be with her. 


That work has continued up until this day, and as I reflect on the year, it is always such a blessing to remember that in spite of increased flights, increased challenges, and so much going on, God is still sustaining our work.


Sometimes I don’t know how we are able to continue, as nearly all those I fly for cannot afford to pay for the fuel and operating expenses of the helicopter. Only special school projects and specific flights for other ministries (AFM) can cover the cost of fuel. 

From a pure business standpoint, it simply doesn’t make sense. While I do try to plan ahead, to be responsible with funding, and to budget appropriately, when I add up budgetary expenses and donation income, sometimes I just shake my head and realize that it’s a God thing, since often the expenses outweigh the income. While I’m not one to encourage carelessness, I can say that since the last two years of my “faith test” experiment where I offered to fly true emergency flights even if the recipients could not afford to cover the expenses, there have been very few times when we were unable to make a flight due to fuel (Perhaps only 1) even though we have come very close!


Over the years I’ve had a number of critics, saying that the work is not sustainable, that helicopters are too expensive, etc. I have to admit that even I have questioned myself in times of discouragement if it’s really worth it for me to fly for free, to spend my life energy and savings over here. Many have encouraged me to get a “real job,” to work so I can have social security, make a salary, etc. 

I’m not saying all these well meaning friends and family don’t make good points, yet I can’t fully explain myself other than to say that while there have been many times I’ve been tempted to leave, I only stayed because I felt this was my calling. 


This calling was so strong that I’ve more or less sold everything of significance back in the US and after 6 years of living here, Prima and I decided to buy a piece of land and build our house here as our personal space to base our ministry from. We felt this was essential to maintain healthy ministry and especially important as a newly married couple to have our own space.


While the sole reason for me to live in the Philippines is for ministry, I’ve still been careful to keep these house expenses separate from ministry expenses, as I don’t feel right for you all to support our “house,” therefore while I do not solicit your donations for this house, I would like to solicit your prayers for some challenges delaying it’s completion.


After hiring a contractor and paying for the house completion, we are now left with a house 80 percent complete and no work being done over the last 3 months. Actually we had a 6 month contract and it was supposed to finished in August! The contractor claims he is out of money, even though we paid per contract. There have been numerous problems with the contract throughout the process, wrong materials being used, work errors, etc. While this story is not uncommon to this country, and we have heard of many others being scammed in construction, I guess this one hit harder since we really trusted this contractor. 


Prayers appreciated so that we can have a peaceful resolution, and so that it can be finished so I can move out of the shop where I’ve been camping out!


Despite many challenges this year, I’ve been overwhelmed when I think of how God has used each of you to sustain the ministry. I’ve explained it to others before, that while I don’t have a lot of donors to support the work, God impresses each of you at certain times right when it is needed most! For example, the next helicopter shipping expenses are completely covered!


So whether you know it or not, you are such a blessing to those we minister to and to us as we see God using you. One such man I flew recently on a medevac. He had typhoid, and amoeba, and was severe pain throughout his body. When we unloaded him, he muttered that he wished he were dead because the pain was so severe. Yet at the same time after he was safely loaded in the ambulance for transfer from the landing area to the hospital, He cried out loudly, “Thank you sir!” He and his wife told me that this was their second time as I had flown him 3 years ago when he had a stroke. His cries of thanks, even louder than his cries of pain, echo in my mind and in reality they are not just a thanks to me, but to you as my supporters. I’m grateful that God can use us to make an impact and give others second and even third chances at life. 


In reality, I was reminded recently that that’s was the Christmas season is really all about (even if its roots are debatable), it is a holiday when people think of the birth and first coming of Christ. Christ came to save souls, He gave up all to come to this earth, to face challenges, to be rejected, unappreciated, and even hated, that others may be saved. 


I am ever reminded that this is really why we are here and hope that we may all follow Christ’s great example. 


May God bless you this holiday season and New Year!


In His Service,


Daniel and Prima

 For those of you who haven't seen this summary video, please click the link below to see a glimpse into our work:


Some new news of note- We have a new website up and running to help with this helicopter project (, some new donation options to make things easier, and we are going through some transitions of how are newsletters are sent out (Mailchimp, APLOS, etc). I appreciate your patience as we try to work out the best ways to keep you updated.



Rest assured you can still always reach out to me with any questions and those of you who have been donating through the years, we still receive those donations so don’t be alarmed by the new options. 


Also, some of you have been wondering what will happen to the yellow helicopter I’ve been flying. It will still continue to serve, most likely in another airbase in another area not yet being reached by helicopter. 



God bless and take care!

Thank you so much for each and every one of you who have supported this work and partnered with us, either through prayers or financially.


God bless, 


Daniel and Prima





All I can say is Thank You, Thank You Thank You for all your prayers and help!
The projects and my work continues to move forward thanks to your partnership with God. Thank you for your patience as you’ve waited for news. May God richly bless you as you maintain a connection with Him and may He use you to further His wonderful work of saving souls.

Thank you!!

I am truly grateful for those of you who continue to support me and this work with your prayers and financial support. We can’t do it without you, and are thankful you are allowing God to work through you. This isn’t just my work, this is your work. Each one of you that supports is a partner in the work. May we all be found faithful.



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