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Daniel Lui has been a mission pilot and mechanic with Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services (PAMAS) for 7 years and counting. In 2020  Daniel was joined by his wife, Prima,  who also serves as a flight nurse and recently graduated physician.


After he first came to the Philippines in 2015 as a volunteer, God placed on his heart the burden of supporting specifically the growing helicopter mission needs at the Palawan PAMAS airbase. While his initial commitment to PAMAS was only 7 months, his service has continued 7 years and more (until present). 


He created Palawan Helicopter Partnership while serving as a volunteer with PAMAS in order to better support the helicopter work in Palawan.


While PAMAS is a multi-faceted umbrella ministry involving many forms of ministry (Aviation, Medical, Education, Evangelism, etc), it encourages its missionaries and airbases to be as self supporting as possible in order to spread the workload. 


Therefore, Palawan Helicopter partnership is just what its name implies, a mission focused helicopter ministry that is a partnership with other ministries to support the medevac and mission needs in Palawan and beyond. Although it works primarily with PAMAS, it also provides support for other mission organizations and individuals, including Adventist Frontier Missions (AFM), the local church, and many other missionaries.


While the needs started with the basic day to day needs for Daniel to continue serving as a missionary pilot, God has slowly grown the ministry to include helicopter maintenance and parts expenses, fuel, operations, and even acquisition of helicopters! 



2 years ago God worked a miracle in providing a 1959 Alouette II helicopter to continue the work in Palawan while the Red Pamas R44 helicopter went down for routine overhaul. To make a long story short, this was the fruition of years of answered prayers and God working His perfect timing and plan out!


Now, several years later, God has impressed on the heart of the donor to give another helicopter to assist our work! You can read about this new project in our "NEWS" section on this website menu at the top right corner, or by reading our newsletters!


Truly God is incredibly working to sustain and to grow the work He has begun.