The Time to Work

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We have no time to lose!

And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.

Romans 13:11

If you haven’t noticed, it seems that many of my newsletters revolve around time. Other newsletters have been titled “In His time,” “A time for everything,” etc. Perhaps it is because I feel like the subject of time is especially pertinent since the purpose of a newsletter is to fill you in on things that have happened in the time since the last newsletter. 

The world we live in these days is a bit crazy. The covid pandemic, the Russia/Ukraine conflict, natural disasters, etc all vie for attention on the news. For those of you that follow Bible prophecy, it seems that these events are a fulfillment of predictions, with the earth’s groaning and wars, rumors of wars and natural disasters all indicating we are living in the last period of Earth’s history. Yet for those of us out here in the mission field, we can see that there’s still a lot of work to be done!!!

One indication to me that now is really the time to work in mission, helping and serving others, is the fact that it seems like the work is speeding up! In this last year alone, we have seen a lot of miraculous provisions for different projects. Those of you who have followed online were probably inspired when God brought together a new jungle school project with the help of our friend Jasper. Recently, another group has promised to sponsor another jungle school, while a third ministry has mentioned interest in helping with a school as well! I was happy to fly around these donors to visit our existing schools and projects as the young Palawenos are the future hope for reaching out to their own people in greater ways. Education is empowerment, and it’s amazing how many unreached, isolated areas there are still in the mountains of Palawan.

Over the years, my work here has evolved. I noticed recently that instead of the majority of my flights being medevacs, I now have a higher percentage of flights reaching out and supporting new and existing areas of growth deep in the jungle. While medevacs are still a vital and important area of ministry and I am happy to do them, I’m also thrilled to be able to make a lasting impact on those natives who are so remote that the helicopter is the only practical way of supporting the work. 

Perhaps the latest project that is most meaningful to me, is what I’m going to entitle the ‘Lama’ project. In my last newsletter, I shared about how God miraculously inspired a donor to give his helicopter for the work here! This was an 8+ year answer to prayer and will allow the current “miracle helicopter” and my first major faith test, to provide service in another location. This newer helicopter will allow even greater efficiency and safety and is perfectly suited for supporting the missions here in the mountains. I was recently reminded of the need for more weight capacity with the need to fly 60 bags of cement weighing 40 kg each to our mountaintop church. I could only fly 8-10 bags at a time due to the weight restrictions with where I was landing, but the Lama will have substantially improved payload and useful endurance capability.

What a miracle and answer to prayer!

My faith is being stretched even more with this new helicopter project. God has slowly and patiently taken me from a concern for only my personal needs while serving to supporting a helicopter project. The miracle Alouette helicopter project two years ago laid the foundation for the Lama project, as the target goal for this project exceeds the Alouette by a long shot. My goal sounds like a lot but in reality isn’t when you consider price increases and expenses for shipping containers, shipping and transport, spare parts, fuel, and of course the largest part being import taxes. We are praying for ways to get duty-free shipments, but preparing for the worse. Any funds raised for the Lama project will help primarily for getting it to service (Shipping, duty, parts, etc), but any excess will help keep it operating here in missions. As I said, although it seems like a lot, it’s a small miracle compared to the bigger miracle of the helicopter! This miracle to me is an indication that God is saying that he still has a lot of work to be done, and it’s time to get cracking!

If He can provide a helicopter, surely he can provide what’s needed to ship and import it and get it into service!

We already have a donor in matching funds, meaning if that amount is given it will be matched. Please pray with us about this timely project!


I’d also like to share about the team that is assisting me with this helicopter project under the organization called Angel One.

So far they’ve been a big help and our goal in working with them is to provide you as supporters with accountability, clarity, and ease of giving! We have some new ways to support this Lama project, including a dedicated link/page for online giving options for recurring or one-time donations and the ability to specify our operations here or the Lama project (called the Capital projects in the menu)!

Please prayerfully check out these new options. I have dedicated my life to this work and I’m always excited to get involved in God’s new workings. We still need a lot of partners! All donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt at the end of the year mailed to them.


The time is at hand! God willing I'll be flying back to the US in a few short months (JULY) to pick up the "new" 1985 helicopter to get it ready to be shipped and put into service here. My time there will depend on how long it takes to prepare for shipping and accumulate the resources needed to get the helicopter over to the Philippines.

If you have already sent donations using the old information, don't worry as they will still get to us also :)


Here is the info below:

AngelOne Inc.

PO Box 1093 

Calimesa California 93920-9998

Make check out to Angel One, but specify Palawan Helicopter Partnership on the memo line or note.  

Phone Number: 877-870-0042

Email Address:

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